For the first semester of the academic year 2015 - 2016 , ESN Roma Tre is proud to reintroduce the Buddy system: a tutoring programme involving incoming Erasmus students and local italian students.

The Buddy system is a program developed by ESN , currently in use in many European universities.

The Buddy is someone who'll help you with your first steps in Rome, he'll also help you deal with the intricate burocratic system of the Italian universities and, last but not least, show you how to enjoy Rome and all the secrets that the Eternal City holds, the kind of secrets that only a local is aware of!

The incoming Erasmus student can join the program and be paired with an Italian student who will then become a person on whom the Erasmus student will be able to rely on for help.

Joining is easy! All you need to do is fill in one of the two forms below (depending on whether you're an incoming Erasmus student or an Italian one). You'll be then assigned a Buddy / Tutor and the two of you will talk directly to each other.



If you're an incoming Erasmus students and you want to be assigned a tutor, fill in the form below:




Becoming a tutor is easy!

No particular skills are required, you just need to know a second language, have some goodwill, an open mind towards different cultures and a desire to help other students!

Fill in the form below:


Participation is free of charge and volunteer :)



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For any information, contact:

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