ESN card is a symbol of a new student generation: mobile and active!










There are more then 140,000 ESN Card holders!


To require the ESN card you need :

  • a valid identity document (identity card or passport); 
  • a document proving that you are/were an Erasmus student (or that you attend/ed any other exchanges programm);
  • a passport picture; 
  • 10€ (Erasmus)*



At local level, ESN card allows you to join our activities and to enjoy discounts with the affiliated partners. Moreover, as ESN member, you will be updated about our events, trips, parties, ecc  and you can obviously join them all! From our team you will always get all the help you need about your Erasmus period in Italy! We will show you the wonderful places of Rome.

For more information about the discounts you can have with the ESN card, visit the partners section of our web-site.


National level 

All discounts (more than 2500) are shown in

these links will address you at the section of your interest about Italy.

·         Hotel e Ostelli

·         Ristorazione

·         Cultura e Tempo Libero

·         Attività Sportive

·         Servizi

·         Salute e Bellezza

·         Shopping

·         Viaggi e Trasporti

·         Formazione e Corsi


International level and activation

At international level, you can register the ESN card at You can create your personal account getting several advantages such as job offers, interesting articles about travelling, education, free time and so on, discounts for goods and other useful things for students.

You can find more informations at


*Associative Fee

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