Study abroad is an amazing life experience, and it should be done with right amoung of responsibility and involvement. 

For this reason, we beleve that is basic dedicate himself to duty.....


Once a week Esn Roma 3 organizes

exclusive theme parties

(Surprises&gifts for those who RESPECT the dress code!! ;)  )

with an international&wild atmosphere


in accurately chosen locations

with an amazing music selection studied just for you

fantastic PHOTOSET

with DSCOUNTS designed for the ERASMUS of today:


MAX performance with MIN spending.



To be sure EVER going to an ESN party, bring with you the ESN card. 


You can also invite your not erasmus friends (or whitout card) using the form-list of Esn Roma 3 (you will find the link event by event)

Ways entry, credit and costs could change time to time. To be always tuned on our events subscribe to our newsletter.

(fill the form of pre-registration online)

Still don't have it? 

Pass by the office, get it is very easy!! click HERE to know how do it.

Have you got any questions? 

Contattac us

or write us: chiara.alati@gmail.coom


We work hard, WE PARTY HARD